Fortuner Solar Lantern : Solar Lanterns are source of light powered by solar modules that give much higher light output in comparison with kerosene Lanterns. The abundantly available sun light is the fuel used for these solar lanterns, in which adequate safety measures are taken care of. The skilled team of engineers at our Research & Development department has developed high grade electronics for the solar lanterns. “FORTUNER” Solar Lantern is imbibed with the following features and specification: * High efficiency Crystalline Solar PV Module. * No fuel required. * No Electric Bill * Short Circuit Protection. * Absolutely environment Friendly. * Options of charging through both Solar and (AC) Electric power. * Best quality LED for longer duration and reliability. * Sealed Maintenance free Lead Acid Battery. * Mobile charger facility with multiple plug. * Compact and light weight * Available in different sizes and shapes. * Safe for all user and applications.