STS PREPAYMENT SOLUTION The Standard Transfer Specification (STS) has become recognized as the only globally accepted open standard for prepayment systems, ensuring inter-operability between system components from different manufacturers of prepayment systems. The Kamstrup OMNIPOWER Single-phase or Three-phase STS meter is fitted with an STS certified prepayment engine to verify STS energy tokens, perform credit management and enable breaker control based on available credit. HIGH PRECISION SMART METER The core component for establishing an intelligent smart grid system is the smart meter. It does much more than measure energy consumption. It assures utilities the possibility of exploiting the full potential of the smart grid. OMNIPOWER is Kamstrup’s latest high precision smart meter offering long-term stability and reliability for all applications. CUSTOMER INTERFACE UNIT The customer interface is paired with the meter STS number via a secure RF network. It communicates with the customer's meters and displays a range of information including demand data, consumption data and rate of consumption. It provides customizable credit level and status indicator lights. The keypad is used for STS token entry. The display is battery and externally powered. WHY THE NEED FOR SMART PREPAYMENT?  Watchdog effect on consumers  Enhancement of the company's corporate governance and anti-corruption efforts  Implementation of pre-paid consumption  Elimination of losses in non-manageable areas  Demand side management The meter and display supports remote firmware updating to expand future functionality. ORDER SPECIFICATION STS Meters are supplied with Kamstrup default Supply Group Code and would be changed to the utility unique Supply Group Code by key change tokens.